Reference Analytics – Certificates

Through our strict internal quality systems, we guarantee the greatest possible safety and reliability of our analytical results.
The GMP status of the laboratory is checked and certified on the one hand by regular internal quality assurance audits and on the other hand by the authority every two years.

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GMP Certified

Reference Analytics is GMP-certified, which allows us nto meet the high quality standards in the pharmaceutical industry.

For a lasting customer relationship, GMP quality and mutual trust are essential. According to the GMP guidelines, not only the authorities are obliged to check compliance with the requirements of Good Manufacturing Practice. Customers may and should also inspect their partners within regular audits.

These inspections are very welcome, as they give our customers the opportunity to get to know the laboratory in detail. That way the necessary trust in Reference Analytics as a service partner can be built.
It is also an opportunity to share information and quality needs and to learn how other companies interpret and implement GMP guidelines.

We deliver accurate, traceable and reproducible results!