Drug analysis. Certified according to GMP.

Responsibility for perfectly validated results. Under this premise, we at Reference Analytics are dedicated to the precise analysis of your pharmaceuticals. Starting with the analysis of individual raw materials to the precise control of finished products, we offer you a wide range of all related steps. 

Our Services

  • Quality control in the pharmaceutical field
  • Method transfer
  • Incoming goods inspection
  • Testing for batch release
  • Storage of samples

Quality needs control

It goes without saying that our quality management, which is certified by the AGES Medizinmarktaufsicht, is carried out strictly in accordance with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) guidelines. In working with us, we thus guarantee perfect compliance with all quality standards that meet market requirements.

GMP Richtlinien

Stability studies

Individual stability studies are our area of expertise. All specifications of the current ICH guidelines (International Conference on Harmonisation) are strictly adhered to. This guarantees the safety of our studies and ensures reliable results.

Every process is fully documented as part of our meticulous quality management. The temperature monitoring system we use also guarantees perfect results from a technical point of view.

Stabilitätsstudie bei Reference Analytics

Short term. Medium-term. Long-term.

You are free to choose the duration of the study according to the requirements of your project. Weeks, months or several years – any desired period is possible. In addition to the standard climates, we also offer special climates optimized to suit the order on request. Just as our clients wish, for ideal test conditions.